Printable Harry Potter Book Marks & Book Label Set

Printable Harry Potter Book Marks & Book Label Set

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Do your children love to read and also love Harry Potter? Or perhaps your child loves Harry Potter but isn't the biggest fan of reading (yet). Either way, I have a treat for you today!

I am excited to offer you a set of Harry Potter inspired book marks and book labels that can be printed out on your printer! These are great for keeping your Harry Potter obsessed children (and adults) excited about reading and also a great way to keep their books organized! And these are also great for when you lend books so they can easily be returned.

Printable Harry Potter Bookmarks + Book Labels

Here is what you will receive: 8 printable Harry Potter-inspired book labels. These cute things are an exciting and fun way to keep track of your children's books. I know with our children and all the book clubs we have started and attended over the years - things can get mixed up. And this way your children's books will be easily identifiable! 

What you'll need:

These are the adorable book labels you will receive...


4 Harry Potter-inspired book marks. Here is what you'll need to make fun bookmarks for your Harry Potter fans:

 These are the 4 bookmarks you will receive in your download:

Harry Potter BookmarksHarry Potter Bookmarks